One must ask why a movie would show 

the inside of a Church  with rats or snakes.

The cross would fall and destroy.

Priests or Nuns in violent or sexual acts.

Consider the mindset that would make a person afraid

to enter a Church because of subliminal conditioning

created in a movie.


What would be gained?


                    Destruction of Religion because the controller does not

                      believe in any religion.


                    The controller wants you to convert to their Religion.


                    The controller is the Anti-Christ

        Movies today teach violence as a training aid for 

    World Wide Domination.

        Fast cars with magic flips and impossible flight across bridges becomes a 

        challenge to children. 

        Impossible walking on air and flying with spider webs that appear from nowhere.

        Movies that show students targeting teachers teaches violence in schools.

       Cars that exceed the speed limit glorifies speeding is killing hundreds of 

        teenagers and adults annually.

        Fast cars in movies has generated a new series of cars that everyone will need 

        that have the power of the cool cars from the 60's. 

        Fast and the Furious or Quick and the Dead   Black Hawk Down 

                trained killers and we wonder why everyone is invincible. People learn attitudes and 

                violence that is carried on the freeways and to work.

Who makes the movies?

Could they be religious motivated?

Are they Christian?

Why would they say or do things to destroy 

the Christian Religion?















    What can we do?